Meet the Team

We Are Settio

It’s our mission to deliver a positive property experience to you.

Christopher Parsonage
Co-Founder | Asia Director

“A company exists because of its customer, it’s the be all and end all for any organisation. It’s really simple: look after your clients, work with passion and dedication, have a laugh along the way and make sure everyone who is involved in the process is respected and has a great experience”

Having grown up and been schooled in South Africa, Chris moved to the United Kingdom in 2009 after graduating from the University of South Africa with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. From there, Chris worked for a leading London agent; starting at the grass roots as a property manager and moving through the company to subsequently lead the business development team in the UK and relocate to Singapore in 2016 where he directed the APAC region.

Chris’ motivation is to deliver the very best in the industry while operating in a respectful, humble and personable manner. Leading by example, Chris pushes everyone to achieve more, while ensuring both Settio’s team, and clients, have some fun along the way.

Sam Fitz-Hugh
Co-Founder | UK Director

“The UK ‘estate agency’ model is out-dated and its poor public perception is too often justified. Starting from the bottom up with Settio, we’re able to take a fresh approach as a property experience firm who do so much more than match people with property to make a profit. We, as an industry, need to take off the blinkers, take a step back and start again on the right track. I’m so proud to lead the way with Settio.”

After graduation from The University of Sheffield, UK, where he studied Physical Geography, Sam moved south, to London, to begin his career in the property sector. Having worked in a variety of London locations, he settled as a Senior Manager for a major 13-branch firm based out of Westminster. Working with overseas teams in Hong Kong and Singapore, Sam developed an in depth understanding of the industry, and earmarked key areas he believed could be significantly improved with a fresh approach. Co-Founding Settio in 2017 with Chris Parsonage.

Sam relishes his opportunity to shape a business truly around its clients and to develop a committed team that enjoy revolutionising the industry with him.